Panu Helisto ja Timo Varpula

As every story has it’s beginning, our story began with an genuine need.

One night about five years ago Dr. Timo Varpula, a keen amateur athlete, woke up in the middle of night with a pounding heart. The cause turned out to be overtraining.

However, it took several months, with occasional unpleasant heart symptoms, before the right diagnosis was made. To monitor his symptoms, Timo was looking for mobile devices that would allow him to take an ECG whenever and wherever needed.

At the time none were available, so he decided to develop one himself. Later on, Dr. Panu Helistö joined the team to develop algorithms that detect arrhythmias from the ECG.

VitalSignum Oy develops and provides easy-to-use remote mobile health monitoring solutions and services.

Our mission is saving lives by providing everyone with the most reliable, affordable and easy to use mobile monitoring solutions.

We are looking to be the most desirable mobile health monitoring solution provider globally.


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Vital Signum Oy


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