VitalSignum connects your phone with your heart Born from a personal need, the Finnish Beat2Phone electrocardiogram (ECG) device and app has brought heart monitoring to the next level. Monitoring heart rhythm via ECG tests is nothing new – most of us probably recognise the image of a

Self-detection of atrial fibrillation in an aged population: three-year follow-up of the LietoAF intervention study. Abstract Background Atrial fibrillation (AF) is often asymptomatic and undiagnosed until an ischaemic stroke occurs. An irregular pulse is a key manifestation of AF. We assessed whether pulse self-palpation is feasible in screening

Beat2phone application supports ECG and other cardiac signal monitoring during sports activities. For outdoor exercise the following data is obtained: ECG Instantaneous, average, maximum heart rate, and heart rate histogram GPS data: speed, latitude, longitude, and altitude (from phone pressure sensor) Time and distance travelled