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Many mobile devices have, by default, a rather aggressive battery consumption optimization, which can turn off applications that appear inactive. This battery optimization sometimes turns off the Beat2Phone application, which causes the measurement to stop. Usually, this optimization can be adjusted from the mobile device settings, depending on the model of the device. The most reliable measurement can be performed when the mobile device is not used for anything else during the measurement. Even more reliable performance can be achieved if the application remains active, and the mobile device is being charged. To make sure that the measurement has not stopped, it is recommended to check the status of the measurement from time to time.

Up to 24 hours if the sensor battery is fully charged.

“Beat2Phone ECG” is a newer version of the application, and it is compatible with the Beat2Phone Cloud Service. The Cloud Service cannot be used with the older application version. We recommend that all users download and use the newer version of the application.

The Beat2Phone sensor can be reset by briefly placing it in the charging connector and then removing it. This causes the Bluetooth connection to be reconstructed, and the sensor should be visible again in the mobile application.

The battery charges from empty to full in approximately one hour.

The Beat2Phone sensor uses a rechargeable battery that is charged in the included Beat2Phone charging connector.

Unstretched: 65-90 cm

When sufficiently stretched for use: 74-115 cm

The Beat2Phone Cloud Service can be found at www.beat2phone.net

You can download the user manual for the Cloud Service from this link >>

The Beat2Phone application has not been tested on all mobile devices.

The Beat2Phone device and application should be compatible with all recently released (within last few years ) Android and iOS devices. We recommend that the device has at least Android version 6.0 or iOS version 10.

You can download the Quick Start Guide that came with the sales package online from this link >>

You can download the Beat2Phone application manual from this link >>

The instructions include, for example:

  1. Taking Beat2Phone into use for the first time
  2. Taking electrocardiogram, ECG
  3. Analysis of the recorded data
  4. Beat2Phone in exercise

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