26.7.2017 Beat2phone in exercise

26.7.2017 Beat2phone in exercise

Beat2phone application supports ECG and other cardiac signal monitoring during sports activities. For outdoor exercise the following data is obtained:

  • ECG
  • Instantaneous, average, maximum heart rate, and heart rate histogram
  • GPS data: speed, latitude, longitude, and altitude (from phone pressure sensor)
  • Time and distance travelled
  • Instantaneous, average, and maximum speed
  • Kilocalories burned
  • Stride rate
  • Performance index: distance progressed in one heart beat

The course travelled is plotted and shown on map in real time tracked with heart rate and GPS data. All data can be also later analyzed. An orthostatic test protocol is implemented. In the orthostatic test mode, the application first instructs the person to rest in supine position for 5 minutes, and then to stand up and stay standing for 4 minutes. The average resting and standing heart rate and heart rate variability (RMSSD) are automatically computed, displayed, and stored into a file on SD card. The history of person’s orthostatic test results can also be viewed.

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